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Obec Lakšárska Nová Ves
ObecLakšárska Nová Ves
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The Countryside

The Countryside

Lakšárska Nová Ves and the whole area of the village belongs to an open protected area called CHKO Záhorie (protected country area). The second grade of protection applies to this area. In the north-westerly and westerly directions there are two National Natural Reserves called Zelienka and Cervený rybník. The highest grade of protection applies to both of them.

The first educational footpath (EF) of the protected Záhorie area starts in the Village. It is a marked educational pathway through the countryside. Along the footpath there are info boards with pictures and information about selected plants, mushrooms and species. EF leads from Lakšarska Nová Ves passing NPR Cervený rybník towards the recreational area Tomky. The end of the trail can be reached from both sides.


Info board km Stop
0 0 Municipality
1 0,8 Pod Závrštím
2 2,2 NPR Cervený Rybník
3 3,8


4 4,4 Meadow
5 5,3 Dolné Valy
6 5,4 Pond
7 8,0 Forest house Lásek
8 10,0 Tomky
9/0/ 10,5 Camping

The area of Lakšárska Nová Ves is home to several woods. Mostly the Scots pine and English oak, then false acacia and rowan trees. In the reservations Zelienka and Cervený rybník there are also spruces, but it is not the native wood.
The structure of wood in wetland, where the level of ground water is high, is a contrast to wood growing on the sand dunes. Common alder, white willow, white and black poplar dominate here.
The bush area consists of purple willow, black elder and the common spindle tree, and the European cranberry bush.
Various structures of forest, numerous marshes and bushes create good conditions for game. A great variety of species find their home here: mallards, hare, pheasant, partridge, venison. Wild boars are very common. Collective hunting trips testify to this - on every trip the hunters shoot down several of them. There are also good conditions for red deer, but their number has been declining in past years. Fallow deer are also rare.
Birds of prey – the following kinds can be seen: goshawk, sparrow hawk, kite, buzzard, heron, jay, magpie. Raven, that nest in pine forests, are very rare.
Wild rabbit is also worth a mention. Pests such as badger, fox, pine marten and polecat can be found in the woods too.

Country of the sand dunes
Marshes and wetland

Information about the village


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Obec Lakšárska Nová Ves
ObecLakšárska Nová Ves