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Obec Lakšárska Nová Ves
ObecLakšárska Nová Ves
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Country of the sand dunes

Country of the sand dunes

Flora of the sand dunes
The original plant community is made of the silver grass, which creates colourful carpets on the sand dunes. Also Spring Spurrey and Reindeer Moss can often be found. There are also several sorts of thistle. In the spring months purple ground cover, created by wild thyme, is a delight for visitors. Mezereon is quite rare. The sight of the heather is a real pleasure in the autumn months, when the mushroom season culminates.

DunaFauna of the sand dunes
During spring walks butterflies frequently fly along the colourful carpets of wild thyme, drawing your eye. Especially butterflies such as chequerspot, hermit butterfly and many others.
Several kinds of grasshoppers leap over the sand, e.g. great green bush cricket and blue-wing grasshopper. Green praying mantis which fly in from southern areas are very rare sight. Borská nížina (plain) is the northern boundary of their habitat. A great variety of spiders living in Záhorská nížina have been recorded. Eucera is the pearl of the sand dunes. Funnels of 10cm in diameter can be often seen on the dunes. They are created by the larva of black-bellied antlion.
Smooth snake lives in the dry sandy pine forests. It is a reptile protected by law. It can be seen lying in the sun on sandy roads and sand areas. The same areas are the home of our rarest lizard – the green lizard. It is generally considered as one of the precious gems of our countyside. It is a species protected by law! In the dunes, unfortunately, fewer species of birds can be seen. However crested hoopoe, European nightjar and lark, nest in these areas.

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Obec Lakšárska Nová Ves
ObecLakšárska Nová Ves